Charity No: 1145634


Executive Committee (Trustees)

Staff  (Trustees)

Centre Co-Ordinator

  • Maintain administrative systems
  • To be one of several key holders
  • To prepare salaries
  • To oversee the work of staff
  • To keep volunteering packs up to date


Project Administrator

  • Be involved in all on-going activities
  • Monitor budget and cash flows
  • Develop an evaluation process

  • Acknowledge the backgrounds of pupils
  • Conduct a learning environment
  • Help pupils with any additional school work
Volunteer Project Administrator

  • Monitor and evaluate volunteers
  • Work with the Volunteers and well
    as members of staff



  • Complete allocated tasks


Job descriptions

Centre Co-Ordinator

The coordinator oversees the charity’s administration and finances, is the first port of call for community members and coordinates El-Com’s volunteer program.

Project Leader

The project leader coordinates, manages and evaluates the charity’s programs and liaises with project administrators and volunteers to ensure that all project requirements are met.

Project Administrator

The project administrator is responsible for the coordination, implementation, planning and evaluation of all projects happening within the centre. The project administrator works alongside the executive board and staff. Additionally the project administrator participates in staff and board meetings.


Teachers develop a comprehensive teaching schedule; ensure that their classes mirror the appropriate curriculum and monitor student progress.

Outreach Education Officer

The education officer oversees El-com’s supplementary school, including managing staff and school registration and fees.

Supplementary School Volunteers

Supplementary school volunteers are responsible with assisting teachers within the classroom in addition to caring for the children. Key tasks involve organising and helping in events as well as helping to facilitate workshops and seminars.


Volunteer Project Manager

The volunteer project manager manages El-com’s volunteer program in terms of recruitment, retention and replacement, as well as monitoring, evaluating and accrediting individual volunteers.


Volunteers are responsible for completing the work assigned to them, which is agreed by the centre co-ordinator.

The Treasurer

The treasurer oversees the management and the finances of the organisation. The role of the treasurer also consists of banking, signing checks and investing excess funds appropriately.

The Chairperson

The chairperson is responsible for ensuring that all staff are aware of their individual duties and responsibilities. Another main duty is to conduct board business efficiently and effectively.

The Secretary

The secretary is responsible for preparing agendas, arranging meetings and take minutes of board meetings. The secretary also has other duties to support the other members of staff.