Charity No: 1145634

Education Services

Elbistan Community Centre also provides educational services to anyone whom wishes to participate.

We work closely with families to improve their understanding of the UKs educational system, as well as children to ensure they achieve to their fullest potential. The centre runs literacy and numeracy lessons to children and we provide education advice to parents to reach their child’s full potential.
We have run many courses in the past, including Turkish, Kurdish, English, Guitar and Film Making. As long as there is a demand El-com will do everything in its power to sustain, improve and increase these courses.

Supplementary Courses

Maths and English students are all assessed to determine what class they will be a part of.

Courses Age Group Time Day
Math KS1-yr1-2-3 KS2yr4-5-6 11am-1am / 1am-3am Saturday
English KS1-yr1-2-3 KS2yr4-5-6 11am-1am / 1am-3am Saturday
GCSE Maths KS3/KS4- yr8-9-10-11 5pm-7pm Wednesday


Art and Cultural Courses

Courses Age Group Time Day
Art 6-11 / 11-16 3pm-5pm Saturday
Saz Mixed ability 4pm-7pm Monday
Photography *Time and date still being considered

If there are more demands for any other Art and Cultural Courses, they will be organised.