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The UK’s Education System and What We need To Know

The seminar was delivered by Chaika Amadi in a personal capacity, who also works for Haringey Council; Dr. Mehmet Eğilmez from Cambridge University; the members of Kurdish Professional Networking Dr. Meryem Kaya, Gülten Kaya and  Dr. Cengiz Güneş.

The general information was given on the education system in the UK, advice on what can be done to increase the level of achievement and how parents can get more involved in their child’s education. The panel members gave examples from their own life experience, shared their views and also gave advice based on  other experiences. In addition Chaika Amadi statistically informed the attendees about the level of student achievement in ethnic minorities and especially from those of Turkish and Kurdish speaking backgrounds. Second part of the seminar was continued in the form of Q&A.